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Toast Your Valentine with a Glass of Saint-Amour

With Valentine’s Day coming right up, what could be more romantic than to plan a delicious candlelit dinner for two at home? Even better, no cooking involved. Just serve dcuisine accompanied by a lovely bottle of fragrant Saint-Amour and add your very own Valentine.
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Twinkling Wines for New Year's Eve

  France – do think Champagne The French have done a marvelous job of keeping the name of Champagne sacrosanct. After all, true Champagne originates from the solidly chalky subsoil found only in the French province of Champagne in the Marne River Valley, a 90-minute drive northeast of Paris. Though the scent, mousse and taste of true French Champagne remains unique in its delicacy, flavor and elegance, most non-vintage Champagnes remain bargain priced at only $40-$50 per bottle.  That being said, there are many decent quality wines at even more...

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Gifts of food are always welcome

Gifts of food are always welcome at the holidays and year round.  One of the great features of giving dcuisine meals is that the recipient doesn't have to worry about the food spoiling before there is time to consume it.  Our meals arrive frozen and can be stored in the freezer for later enjoyment or placed in the refrigerator for convenient dining over several days.
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