Chef's Corner

Stock your parents' kitchen with dcuisine soups and entrées


Stocking your parents' kitchen with dcuisine soups and entrées is a thoughtful way to remind your parents how much you care. 

Eating beautifully should be one of life’s daily pleasures.   Whether it’s a simple bowl of soup or a more complicated stew, what’s important is that it looks appealing, has appetizing aromas and textured flavors in the mouth.  This is the mandate of our Master Certified Chef Ken Arnone, who has handcrafted dcuisine soups and entrées in small batches using preservative-free all natural ingredients.  dcuisine meals are flash frozen in individual 10- and 12-ounce portions that allow for easy reheating at home and deliver a convenient and delicious meal for one or two people, depending on their appetites.

All too often, as parents age, meal time becomes a challenge.  Perhaps your parent lives alone, or no longer drives, or simply can’t be bothered with shopping and cooking for him or herself.  Preparing a nutritious meal takes energy that an elderly parent may not have.  A bowl of cereal or cottage cheese with canned fruit is a quick solution but hardly satisfying, especially when your parent has been accustomed to fine dining.  Or maybe your parent enjoys inviting friends for lunch or dinner but isn’t up to the challenge of preparing food for entertaining.  dcuisine soups and entrées can be the caterer in their kitchen that encourages sociability.

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