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Toast Your Valentine with a Glass of Saint-Amour


With Valentine’s Day coming right up, what could be more romantic than to plan a delicious candlelit dinner for two at home? Even better, no cooking involved. Just serve dcuisine accompanied by a lovely bottle of fragrant Saint-Amour and add your very own Valentine.

With its delicate bouquet of red fruits, slight hint of clove and just a whiff of peach, Saint-Amour is indeed the fun French wine I recommend to share with one’s Valentine.  It is a fine tasting, medium bodied, fruit-filled, soft, dry red and a guaranteed, easy-to-enjoy Valentine’s Day charmer.

Made from the Gamay grape, Saint-Amour is one of the best of the 10 Beaujolais Crus, and as such, the perfect accompaniment to any and all of dcuisine’s four delicious soups, both dcuisine shellfish entrées, dcuisine Yucatan Chicken and my favorite, the hedonisticdcuisine Beef Short Ribs.

Mmm…right now, I’m dreaming that my very own Valentine reads this, takes my advice, orders in enough time and sets me up for a kiss, a delicious dcuisine dinner and some lovely Saint-Amour. Wouldn’t you?

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