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A Grand Cru standard in restaurant quality soups and entrées for the home has arrived


Wine expert Peter Morrell recommends in a letter to his customers...


Dear Morrell Customers,

I am extremely pleased to introduce my association with, a new - internet only - dining concept featuring direct-home-delivery of perfectly sized Grand Cru quality soups and entrees. Frankly, having dined in so many fine restaurants and been a member of more than 20 wine & food societies over 5 decades, I loved what I ate so much in the research and development stages of their recipes that I became a dcuisine partner and manager. dcuisine is also very similar to ordering fine wine: you order it by the case (4 - 8 selections at a time) - store them in your freezer instead of your cellar - and simmer one or two in boiling water whenever you want the pleasure of very fine home dining with no cooking, clean-up or fuss.


What is my advice? My advice is:  as with fine wine, tasting is believing


Hand crafted by world renowned Certified Master Chef Ken Arnone with all natural ingredients seasonally prepared, dcuisine delivers a luxurious, consistently savory, home dining experience. Two of my personal favorites are Chef Ken’s delicious Wild Mushroom Soup with Madeira & Brie and our scrumptious classic Beef Bourguignon made with tender short ribs and red wine.

Let dcuisine become your personal chef on the nights you don’t want to cook

Please take a moment now to visit our web site, select your favorites and place an initial order. dcuisine’s new level of quality in direct home delivery dining is so delicious that you’ll want to pull the cork on a fine bottle and light a candle or two - especially on your chef’s nights off. 

Bon Appetit and Cheers!


Peter Morrell


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