Praise for dcuisine

I'm Soo Pleased!

I ordered meals for two different people. One order of 4 entrees was sent to a friend in Houston, TX, who was staying in a hotel, while her husband had heart surgery. I knew that food would be far away from her thoughts at the time yet remained concerned that a steady diet of fast food wouldn’t do her well either. Ordered Seafood Cioppino, Medi shrimps, Lobster and Corn Chowder and Yucatan stuffed chicken. So far she’s eaten 2 of the entrees and was able to tell me they were...

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We were SURPRISED with dcuisine

Enjoyed the soups, have tried other chef inspired meals and found spice levels basic and the meals uninspiring. However we were SURPRISED with dcuisine, spice levels were wonderfully measured and enjoyed each spoon full. Will look forward to future meals by dcuisine. - M. Cox, Clearwater, Florida

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Eating with gusto!

My father loved the Cioppino this afternoon.  It was a big hit, and helpful to all of his caregivers. My father is still raving about his lunch AND dinner.  I hear the flavor and ingredients are fantastic.  My sister is beyond thrilled that mealtime is solved and my father, who is a doctor, is so happy and eating with such gusto.  - C.C., Honolulu

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