Praise for dcuisine

I'm Soo Pleased!

I ordered meals for two different people. One order of 4 entrees was sent to a friend in Houston, TX, who was staying in a hotel, while her husband had heart surgery. I knew that food would be far away from her thoughts at the time yet remained concerned that a steady diet of fast food wouldn’t do her well either. Ordered Seafood Cioppino, Medi shrimps, Lobster and Corn Chowder and Yucatan stuffed chicken. So far she’s eaten 2 of the entrees and was able to tell me they were eye opening to her taste buds in spite of her preoccupation with her hubby’s health status. She was hesitant eating the chick peas w/i the Medi shrimp dish yet found them delightful despite never having them before. She felt like the lobster chowder took her back to a trip to New England with her husband.

Delivery status was a tad chaotic yet in truth all had UPS to thank. Ultimately the package arrived on time so I give special thanks to dcusine’s professional customer service. I’m looking forward to a personal taste via my second delivery (and closer)recipient assuming they can spare a tsp or two of the the various entrees they received, also on time,LOL.

I promise to return to this business;). - Y. Small, New York, NY

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