Sam Metzger, Executive Chairman linkedIn

Sam Metzger Sam provided the seed capital for dcuisine, along with his experience as a practicing attorney and entrepreneur. He combines the visionary perspective of a successful leadership career with the ability to build, execute, and innovate. For thirty years, unforgettable food has been at the center of his career. As co-founder and CEO until its sale in 2002, he grew Chipwich over 20 years from 100 street carts into a national brand with over a billion sold. Chipwich is credited with creating the multi-billion dollar "premium ice cream novelty" category and is the genesis of "guerrilla marketing." Over 8,000 articles have been published about Chipwich as well as inspiring a Harvard Business School case study. During this same period, he co-founded and was CEO of Food Development & Marketing, a manufacturer of all-natural, microwave-able, frozen meals; licensed the Canyon Ranch name, and sold its frozen meals through QVC innovatively utilizing UPS for fulfillment. Sam is a graduate of the College of William and Mary and New York University School of Law.

Chef Ken Arnone, Co-founder and Certified Master Chef linkedIn

Ken ArnoneWith dcuisine, Chef Arnone, one of just 67 Certified Master Chefs in the country, is your very own personal chef. The CMC level is the highest and most demanding level of achievement of all American Culinary Federation certification levels, granted only after the candidate has passed an intensive 8 day test of culinary skills and knowledge. In 2009 Chef Arnone also received the certification of WACS Global Master Chef. Ken has spent thousands of hours perfecting the art of preparing beautiful food. He is highly sought after as a consultant to top restaurants and international brands who know he’ll never settle for less than the very best. While his accolades are impressive, it's Ken’s painstaking attention to detail and relentless pursuit of top-shelf ingredients that are central to his work for dcuisine. When Ken’s not hard at work in dcuisine’s kitchens, he’s sourcing organic and seasonal produce or traveling the globe to find inspiration for new menu items—just for you. Ken also co-authored Pairing With the Masters, A Definitive Guide to Food and Wine.

Alfredo Cabeza, Technology linkedIn

Alfredo CabezaAlfredo develops technology that enables business at an entrepreneurial pace and with Fortune 500 scale. He was responsible for the design and development of the dcuisine storefront and its underlying systems and operational processes. He has managed e-commerce, advertising, and media distribution businesses with a focus on the engineering of their essential systems and processes. Alfredo holds a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University.

Brian Joyner, COO linkedIn

Brian JoynerBrian connects the dots between technology, food, and business.  An earlier member of BounceX, a rapidly expanding marketing technology company, Brian has worked with multiple international and public companies to optimize site experience, improve sales, and nurture long term customer relationships via marketing automation software.  Most recently, Brian moved from strictly digital marketing to actively developing software based on his experiences.  Brian earned a Bachelors of Arts from The University Of North Carolina Chapel Hill.